DNAverse partners with ADNTRO to embed organic life into NFTs and Metaverses

4 min readJun 13, 2022


DNAVERSE x ADNTRO to geneticize together the Metaverse

Madrid, 13th June 2022 — We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with online DNA testing company ADNTRO to embed the building blocks of organic life in the Metaverse. The DNAverse and ADNTRO teams will collaborate on DNA-based personalization of NFTs, building up synergies around privacy-centric DNA testing for global users as well as providing an individualized service approach to leveraging genetic information.

ADNTRO enables anyone to learn about their unique genetic code through its proprietary DNA testing kit, in which users provide a saliva sample from the comfort of their own home. DNAverse has chosen ADNTRO due to the quality of its solution, both in terms of user experience and data safety, making them arguably the best service of its kind worldwide.

The customized DNAverse experience goes beyond Ancestry and taps into users’ personal traits such as nutrition, behaviour and a myriad of genetic variables to help them develop a more holistic understanding of themselves, from the inside out. The announcement represents another milestone in the DNAverse journey to develop the BIOmetaverse, having recently inked partnerships with Polygon Studios and blockchain-enabled health data solution Aimedis.

The testing process is entirely anonymous and results are shared privately with users through the ADNTRO Website or App. All DNAverse users’ genetic information is securely handled by ADNTRO and users have full ownership and control of their data at all times. No data is managed, stored or shared by DNAverse at any stage in the process (by default) and an opt-in process needs to be taken if users would like to share their data for research purposes. As an exclusive benefit for collectors of DNAverse NFTs, the codification of the genetic information on the blockchain will be offered as an optional feature, opening up another realm of benefits and rewards for those initiating this path.

DNAverse is the first project in the world to artistically interpret users’ real DNA and create a 3D model NFT artwork. The collection, comprised of 3,200 NFTs, is one-to-one handcrafted and includes a personalized visualization of collectors’ own genetics, presented as DNArts, which grant holders access to a utility business model of life replication on the metaverse, ushering in the BIOmetaverse concept in a decentralized manner, cross-chain and across multiverses.

The mission of DNAverse is to greatly enhance social interactions in the metaverse by enabling the total customization of users’ digital experiences. In addition, the platform aims to bring much-needed human verification to the metaverse (as opposed to KYC or Biometrics) to ensure humans can be easily distinguished from increasingly prevalent chatbots and AI.

Javier M. Floren, CEO & Co-founder of DNAverse said: “I’m ecstatic to announce our strategic partnership with ADNTRO, fellow innovators in the field of DNA testing. Today’s announcement continues a vibrant phase of activity for DNAverse, and we’re still just in Q2! We are committed to imbuing human characteristics in the Metaverse, and in doing so, drive the development of the BIOmetaverse forward. We’re just getting started.”

Guillermo Pérez-Solero, CEO of ADNTRO said: “The collaboration between ADNTRO Genetics and DNAverse/3Dforscience is a leap forward in the personalization of NFTs by leveraging the uniqueness of our genetic code and serves as a great example of how to drive innovation in the metaverse with the highest quality in bioinformatics and design at the core of this partnership.”

About DNAverse

DNAverse is focused on replicating and safeguarding organic life on the Metaverses with the world’s first NFT collection customized with real DNA data. Unique 3D pieces of art fully individualized and 100% scientifically accurate to deliver massive utility to their holders. DNAverse was launched by 3DforScience, an internationally renowned scientific visualization studio comprised of seasoned professionals (business investors, experienced marketers, NFT specialists, scientists, designers and 3D animators) at the vanguard of NFT innovation and DeSci. DNAverse collection is the starting point of the BIOmetaverse, a widespread adoption for the masses to include their personal essence across multiverses, creating BIOavatars and geneticizing any type of NFT and Collection.

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All the cells in our body contain the same and unique genetic code. With just a simple saliva sample, science allows us to read our genetic code in a unique journey inside ourselves. With this objective, ADNTRO was born acting as a bridge between our genetics and our well-being helping democratize access to our genetic code. ADNTRO offers complete high-quality information reports in areas such as Ancestry, aimed at discovering the geographical origins of a person; Nutrition & Sports: such as predisposition to food intolerances, appropriate diets or, if our genetics are more suitable for endurance or strength sports; Behavioural genetics: with which to discover our genetic personality traits, from studies carried out with identical twins; Pharmacogenetics: which analyzes the ability to metabolize different drugs, how effective they will be in our body or if we have a greater predisposition to suffer their adverse effects; and Health: to see our predisposition or protection against different diseases; all with direct access to the original studies on which the results are based

The goal of ADNTRO is to keep your “DNA up to date” since your DNA does not change, but the progress of science is continuous. “At ADNTRO every month, news, updates, and new studies are launched to enrich your genetic results with the latest news and information.

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DNAVERSE.io is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data