DNAverse partners with Aimedis to integrate healthcare solutions into the Metaverse

4 min readJun 8, 2022
DNAVERSE and AIMEDIS partnering up to integrate healthcare solutions into the Metaverse

We are thrilled to announce that DNAverse, the world’s first science art NFTs collection customized with real DNA data, has closed a strategic partnership with Aimedis, a blockchain-enabled healthcare service, to deliver unprecedented levels of scientific integrity and authenticity to the rapidly expanding metaverse concept.

The scope of the partnership will see Aimedis work with the DNAverse parent company, 3DforScience in supporting the delivery of Aimedis’ proprietary VR/AR therapy experiences for users — spanning rehab, educational content and interactive learning tools. In tandem, DNAverse will use the Aimedis platform to tap into Healthcare, Pharma and Insurance industries and explore potential metaverse-themed collaborations to provide more services and experiences for the community as well as strengthen content 3D generation capabilities, e.g. virtual scientific museum settings.

Genetics and Healthcare in the Metaverse

DNAverse is the first project in the world to artistically interpret users’ real DNA and create a 3D model NFT artwork. The collection, comprised of 3,200 NFTs, is one-to-one handcrafted and includes a personalized visualization of collectors’ own genetics, presented as DNArts, which grant holders access to a utility business model of life replication on the metaverse, ushering in the BIOmetaverse concept in a decentralized manner, cross-chain and across multiverses.

The mission of DNAverse is to greatly enhance social interactions in the metaverse by enabling the total customization of users’ digital experiences while adding value to holders by integrating wellbeing support and exclusive services and solutions like those provided by Aimedis. In addition, the platform aims to bring much-needed human verification to the metaverse (as opposed to KYC or Biometrics) to ensure humans can be easily distinguished from increasingly prevalent chatbots and AI.

The first project in the world to artistically interpret users’ real DNA and create a 3D model NFT artwork

Javier M. Floren, CEO & Co-founder of DNAverse said: “Our partnership with Aimedis represents another important milestone in our ongoing roadmap, and underscores the scale of our ambition to place human-centricity at the heart of the metaverse. The Aimedis team has already proven adept at harnessing the latest innovations in VR/AR and integrating these into the rehabilitation process, and I’m very enthusiastic about what we can achieve together from a technological and human point of view.”

Michael Kaldasch, Founder & CEO of Aimedis said: “We’re very excited to partner with DNAverse and support their mission to drive the replication of organic life in the metaverse. The company’s extensive network will be invaluable to the delivery of our VR/AR experiences for our users. The natural synergies between our platforms are clear for all to see, particularly around upholding the highest standards of user privacy and creating an ecosystem of transparency.”

About DNAverse

DNAverse is focused on replicating and safeguarding organic life on the Metaverses with the world’s first NFT collection customized with real DNA data. Unique 3D pieces of art, fully individualized and 100% scientifically accurate to deliver massive utility to its holders. DNAverse was launched by 3DforScience, an internationally renowned scientific visualization studio comprised of seasoned professionals (business investors, experienced marketers, NFT specialists, scientists, designers and 3D animators) at the vanguard of NFT innovation and DeSci. DNAverse collection is the starting point of the BIOmetaverse, a widespread adoption for the masses to include their personal essence across multiverses, creating BIOavatars and geneticizing any type of NFT and Collection.

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About Aimedis

Aimedis is an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, which has been developed since 2017 and released in the current version 2020 for web, iOS and Android. Aimedis combines all relevant eHealth applications such as health records, video chats with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, medical social media communication, eLearning, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT marketplace while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible and transparent for the patient. The Aimedis platform also contains dedicated tools for professionals like the Aimedis Virtual Hospital information system and online rehab, integrating VR/AR into the process of rehabilitation and has launched the world’s first healthcare metaverse — Aimedis Avalon — where DNAVerse will play a major role in integrating 3D therapies, medical art and more.


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DNAVERSE.io is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data