DNAVERSE collaborates with NGO Hope&Progress during a medical-humanitarian expedition to Senegal

2 min readOct 20, 2022

The importance of giving and making a positive impact in this world is often overlooked. Anonymous heroes use their time and personal resources to help those in need without asking anything in return but the personal satisfaction of doing good to others.

Some weeks ago, DNAVERSE had the privilege to accompany the NGO Hope & Progress and the head of pediatric surgery at the University Hospital of Navarra, Carlos Bardaji. Our goal was to support one of their regular annual expeditions to Senegal together with their team of surgeons, paediatricians, anesthesiologists, nurses and auxiliaries from this and other hospital centres. Their mission: operate children and adolescents in a dispensary enabled as a hospital.

Locals receiving medicaments donated by DNAVERSE

Hope& Progress brings solidarity, surgery and operations room to complex locations, achieving an astonishing number of over 1.000 minors to benefit from this aid throughout the years. Surgical pathologies, both simple and complex, make day-to-day life difficult for minors who live in already difficult environments.

Operation room built on the field to help the local community

Included in our community benefits, DNAVERSE took part in this first action and donated medicaments in addition to the humble contribution of Javier’s left and right hands to support such an incredible initiative.

We are just messengers; this is just a tiny speck compared to what Hope&Progress and all the volunteers involved carry out on a regular basis. They are real heroes who have been organizing regular expeditions to West African countries for decades, dedicated to making people smile again.

Please follow them and show them your love and support in any way possible. More information: hopeandprogress.es

See a snack video of the expedition here.




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