DNAVERSE x Purpose Fragrance Club

3 min readNov 10, 2022

DNAVERSE, the world’s first project customizing digital assets with DNA, and PURPOSE FRAGRANCE CLUB (PFC), the first community-driven collection of phygital fragrances, are teaming up to explore new approaches that improve and uplevel the personalization of lifestyle and self-care products.

DNAVERSE and PFC will work together to bring innovative ideas to life, such as customized fragrances or sensorial experiences based on users’ actual DNA. The synergies between projects are a fantastic match and the outcome of this collaboration will enhance PFC service offering while granting more benefits to the DNAVERSE community members.

PFC Creator Set with fragrances


With extensive knowledge, both projects attach the utmost importance to the personalized user experience. The application of web3 technologies and AI will influence positively the customization process for consumers. This not only fits the increasing market demand for tailored lifestyle products but also ensures uniqueness and exclusivity that matches individual preferences, genetics and skin types.

We do not just stop at making our communities happy, but also aim to assist them along a progressive transition into a web3 utility-based value proposition. In addition, both projects will harness knowledge and education to advocate the necessity of improving sustainability and our own well-being.

The Creator pass NFT will be granted to those completing the PFC challenges attached to the Creator Set

As part of this agreement, Purpose Fragrance Club is putting several creators’ sets at DNAVERSE’s disposal to be distributed as a reward amongst the community. Those completing the challenges proposed by PFC and submitting their feedback will be gifted the NFT Creator Pass.

More information on both DNAVERSE and PFC.

About PFC

Purpose Fragrance Club is a community-based collection of phygital fragrances. The brand's first collection, develop with top-notch fragrance ingredients houses, generates a new & entertaining sensorial experience. Make an impact around with your pushes with our consciously crafted fragrances bottled in reusable & smart packaging.

About DNAVerse

DNAVerse focuses on replicating and safeguarding organic life on the Metaverses with the world’s first NFT collection customized with real DNA. Unique 3D pieces of art, fully individualized and 100% scientifically accurate delivering massive utility to their holders. DNAverse was created by 3DforScience, an internationally renowned scientific visualization studio comprised of seasoned professionals (business investors, experienced marketers, NFT specialists, scientists, designers and 3D animators) at the vanguard of NFT innovation and DeSci. DNAverse collection is the starting point of the BIOmetaverse, a widespread adoption for the masses to include their personal essence across multiverses, creating Bioavatars and geneticizing any type of NFT and Collection.

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DNAVERSE.io is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data