Genesis NFT collection minting NOW

3 min readSep 1, 2022


The minting process is now live for everybody to access! 🚨

After completing our whitelist registration, it is so exciting to have finally started our Genesis NFT Minting! Hard work has been put in for months and we hope you are just as ready as we are!

As many participants have asked about the process, we decided that we should make a tutorial on this subject. After all, our project’s goal is to slowly but surely sell the Genesis collection to a great community of early adopters and visionaries of what DNAVERSE is poised to do.

To mint, you’ll need Metamask, an Ethereum-supported wallet. Connect the wallet and approve the request. Remember to be connected on ETHEREUM MAIN NETWORK

Select the number of Cyptoproteins to mint​ (allowed a max of 5 each time). Accept the transaction request in your wallet and wait until it is confirmed. As every time you interact on the Ethereum chain, you will need to pay the gas fee, so we strongly suggest you think carefully about deciding how many Cryptoproteins you want to mint and when in order to save gas fee.

Once click “Confirm”, you will get your Cryptoproteins (Pre-Reveal), and you will be able to check your NFT in your wallet. Congratulations! You just became a Genesis holder and ancestor of the BIOmetaverse 😎

The funds have been deducted from Metamask, but…Where are your NFTs?

Use ETHERSCAN to find your transaction by either:

  • entering your wallet to check the latest operations ✅
  • or entering the Transaction Hash received during the purchase process ✅

Alternatively, you may also visit OPENSEA DNAVERSE GENESIS, connect your wallet and check your profile, or copy-paste your wallet in the Search box to display your wallet NFTs ✅

Remember, the images displayed are a pre-reveal NFT, not the final Cryptoprotein you will receive

Are you undergoing difficulties during the minting process? Please send us an email to INFO@DNAVERSE.IO

Check our other post talking about the Benefits and reward for holding the Cryptoproteins. Happy minting!

About DNAverse

DNAverse is focused on replicating and safeguarding organic life on the Metaverses with the world’s first NFT collection customized with real DNA data. Unique 3D pieces of art, fully individualized and 100% scientifically accurate that deliver massive utility to their holders. DNAverse was launched by 3DforScience, an internationally renowned scientific visualization studio comprised of seasoned professionals (business investors, experienced marketers, NFT specialists, scientists, designers and 3D animators) at the vanguard of NFT innovation and DeSci. DNAverse collection is the starting point of the BIOmetaverse, a widespread adoption for the masses to include their personal essence across multiverses, creating BIOavatars and geneticizing any type of NFT and Collection.

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DNAverse is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data