How We make scientifically accurate animations and 3D digital art

Massive talent under the same roof: 3dforScience featuring DNAVERSE

Founded by Javier Floren and David Torrico, 3DForScience is the experienced science visualisation team behind DNAverse. A highly skilled group of artists and scientists working together, creating compelling stories, and ensuring scientific accuracy through 3D video animations and medical illustrations, the team has been creating scientific communications and medical animations for the scientific community since 2013.

But what exactly is the process behind the creation of scientifically accurate video animations?

The 3DForScience Process

The creation of scientifically accurate 3D video animations is, as you’d imagine, long and complex. However, there’s a clearly defined process that the team at 3DForScience follow to maintain rigour and always ensure entirely scientifically accurate outcomes.

Before making a 3D animation video, we outline our methodology to our clients, in detail. Sharing each phase of the workflow, the role that our team of animators, graphic designers and scientists play in the creation of each element of the animation project, allows us to work closely with our clients. This means that their ideas and requirements can be developed as part of an ongoing conversation with our team, throughout the project.

Here’s how a typical project unfolds.


After our initial briefing, the first step is to define the script. This is broken down into three sections:

Voiceover: the narration that goes over the top of the video.

Indicators for images/animations: an explanation (through images or other indicators) of the key visuals used to match the voiceover.

Text on-screen: an outline of the text that will be overlaid during some scenes in the video

Once the structure is in place, it gets sent to the client for feedback and amendments, before approval, when we move on to the next phase.

Illustration and storyboarding are essential to ensure that Science and Art meet together


After the script is approved, we begin creating 3D sketches or quick images by hand to give the client a visual overview of the whole project. Typically, this takes the form of a “comic drawing” and ensures that every scene is properly defined.

Storyboards are by no means the final illustrations for the project. They are merely representative of the final concept, allowing the client an opportunity to provide further feedback ahead of the full visualisations.


In this phase of production, we translate what has been made by hand into 3D digital images. Every element is created from scratch. And always considering brand guidelines and specific preferences. We initially bring to life the main elements of the animation, including specific textures and lighting for the illustrations, as an example of the final look and feel of the project.

Once again, there is an open feedback loop at this stage. It makes the animation process much easier knowing the desired effects have already been discussed and approved. Happening in parallel to this is the voiceover recording. This way, everything is set and ready for the start of the animation phase.


Here is where the magic happens. It’s where we see how the different elements move and interact, as well as get a feeling for the timings.

Scientifics and artists work together to ensure accuracy in every form, shape and movement possible. Collaboration between cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams is key to the successful delivery of a scientifically accurate 3D video animation. This is a rare commodity nowadays but where we put all our efforts to work smoothly and efficiently.

With the animations approved, we render and compose everything to match the quality and style of the visualisations. Every little piece of the project is merged in a single composition (the voiceover, the animations, and the sound effects) to achieve a stunning final delivery.

DNAVERSE Cryptoproteins are handmade 1 to 1 and 100% scientifically designed with the accuracy of the Protein Data Bank


Thanks to our workflow and the importance we give to each phase in the creation of a 3D animation video, all our clients get the result they expected and more.

Our open feedback loop means that clients get to input and review ideas twice during each phase, sharing their feedback and opinions, which results in ongoing improvements. Working together is the best way to achieve the best results.

Get to know our work more by checking our workflow and our service offering & portfolio.

About DNAverse

DNAverse is focused on replicating and safeguarding organic life on the Metaverses with the world’s first NFT collection customized with real DNA data. Unique 3D art pieces completely individualized and 100% scientifically accurate to deliver massive utility to holders. DNAverse was launched by 3DforScience, one of the world’s most influential and internationally renowned scientific visualization studios. DNAverse comprises a team of 25 seasoned NFT specialists, scientists, designers and 3D animators at the vanguard of NFT innovation. DNAverse collection is the starting point of the BIOmetaverse, a widespread adoption for the masses to include their personal essence across multiverses, creating BIOavatars and geneticizing any type of NFT and Collection.

Website | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn | Medium | Instagram | Youtube is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data

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DNAverse is the world’s first project to use real DNA data to customize an NFT collection within a sustainable business model platform for our genetic data

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